Friday, June 29, 2018

Hello to the first Post

This post is gonna stink, for I don't know how to start this blog. I could be very stupid to start a blog, cause it might not go anywhere, but I'm at my last wits. If you didn't notice the https:// for this blog, it reads, Flanngy is me, that's not my real name but it's been a nickname for me since 2007. But it's a name that no one really knows so I'm using it as if it's me, and it is my Last STRAW! Well "draw", haha, I draw, I draw comics, and this blog is going to be about that.

Yeah, that could be lame if you're not into art or comics, but I'm at my last wits, I'm hoping this blog will be a reliever to me and whoever reads this blog.

I am married and have one child and one on the way, so that means I will probably do some "parent stories" as well in this blog. So let's see how this will work, I'm planning to do this blog for at least a year and then we'll go from there, for I know it will be hard to do this blog, raising my children, and doing my comics. I am planning to someday that I will publish my comics, do self-publishing hopefully.

Anyway's, this first post is hard for I have no idea what to say or how to do it, I've researched a lot about blogging and just decided to do it. If your reading this, I hope it will be worth your wild, if you a mother, love anime or comics, then maybe this blog is for you.

My first interest in anime was when I was young watching Sailor Moon and Rurouni Kenshin, when I was in the seventh grade I started to read Fruit Basket and that’s where I fell in love with anime and ready. I always liked creating stories as a kid, I would draw them too, so when I invested in manga I started making stories from left to right, the first book that I have ever finished was a book called Flower in the Dust, I did it with a pencil and 14 sketchbooks, took me four years to do it but I loved it. Now I have a drawing tablet, with an art software that can make my books look ten times better and have no pencil smudges. I've started a book called Sweet and Sour. It was the story I started before Flower in the Dust, this is going to a short story hopefully only two books or four, and I have to give credit to my little sister that helped me develop the storyline and characters, she helps me with this book.

I have started on it and hope to finish it by the end of the years, at least the first column and hopefully, I can get it published. I have already posted some of these pictures on my Facebook page if you like to check that out it’s called K Productions, it also has the comics that I and my sisters created, shirt funny comics that can relief your day.

I hope to share tutorials as well as how to draw, and also I hope that you will enjoy my drawings, in high school a lot of teenagers would ask for me to draw them (which is annoying) and made sure to tell them that I have published my creations or when I have, and this is a good start right?

So I'm on the process of doing my story called "Sweet and Sour," I have already finished 13 pages into it, my goal is to do at least 200 pages in each book, here are some of the characters, you can see more on my Facebook page called K Productions.

This is Joy, the main character, her twin sister Lark is also a main character but it mainly focuses on Joy for she gets lost and Lark has to find her.

Lark, Joy's twin sister, very hard worker and is willing to do anything she can to save her sister.

This is Susie, a side character, she helps Lark find Joy and is Larks best friend. The reason for the wings is because she is an angel. Yep, these characters are technically dead, but they do roam around the earth without their wings, its cool. 

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