Thursday, February 27, 2020

Frozen 2 Good Bad?

Frozen 2 is what I'm going to be talking about.

Frozen 2 was so good, the story plot itself was much better than the first one, it had more, more of everything. Now the first Frozen was fine, we get to understand the characters and it was fun learning the songs and Elsa powers but the second one you get to explore more, more about two worlds living next to each other, why Elsa has powers and how two sisters work together hand in hand. Kristoff and Olaf were the comedy relief. 

My friend has asked me to color this picture below and it has taken me three days to do it. For my current situation, I don't have a good spot to sit and draw like how I use too. I'm all over the place, it's also why I haven't done anything in my book lately I'm too focus getting other stuff done.

But as I was doing this picture I explored my options, I feel like I really figured out how I want this picture to look and manage to do it. The problem I had was that my laptop is not handling my program anymore, it kept shutting me out and each time it would do that I have to start over from where I saved. But even when I try to save it wouldn't! It was so frustrating I don't know why my program is now having a problem but it was giving me problems!

My friend drew this and I didn't get her signature on it, but I personally think coloring it takes more time and effort, especially when your program shuts down on you fifteen times. Annoyed face.

Did you like frozen 2? Or do you think Frozen one was the one and there should never have been a two? I did have a hard time with the Unkown song that Elsa sings, she sings it so loud to the world and if I was a villager I probably wake up and be like, "Queen Elsa needs to go." 

I think it was also cool about the four elements, fire, wind, earth, and water. Elsa is ice so can there also be lightening? Is that an element? I don't know that's what I kept thinking about. For Avatar the Last Air Bender kind of learn all about elements and all the perks they can do which is why I love Avatar so much. I do like Avatar the Legen of Kora for I think it showed more about how each elements have something more. 

Maybe I need to do a fan page of Avatar. 

I don't remember where I left off with Sweet and Sour, but here is a little bit of Chapter five, it's the last chapter in the book and I won't show you the ending quite yet for I sitll want this to be a good cliffhanger for those that will read it once I figure out how to publish it.

If you would like to read other chapters here you go.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Here's S'more Of Sweet and Sour

Here's s' more of Sweet and Sour, chapter five. It's not a complete chapter I'm still working on that, the book is finished I'm just editing it, I got someone to look over it and now I'm making sure it's correct. Editing is hard, I can see why people think it's a job to edit a book, looking for mistakes can be so hard to find.

When the time comes I'll post another post about Sweet and Sour, in my last post I put three chapters in their leaving the two chapters out for I didn't want to show too much. For when the day that comes that I have this book out published I want my readers to read it find out what happens at the end.

I have been taking a break from doing my story Sweet and Sour for I am dealing with personal issues and it has made me more delayed more than ever. I haven't drawn anything for two weeks now.

All will reveal in time... maybe, I don't know if I should share about it or not but whats happening in my personal life I wrote a song about it and also drew a picture of the song. The song is called Underwater and the picture describes why that is but...I think I'll keep this to myself until the right time, for this is still new to me and doesn't want to share just yet.

Once I get my life figured out I will continue on my work of Sweet and Sour volume 2 along with others like Legendary Warrior, Flower in the Dust, and Moon Princess.

I haven't shared much with other stories that I'm working on, I mainly shared Sweet and Sour for that's the first story I wanted to accomplish, but with these other stories I want to do are going to be long series, and I mean a good five-book series.

At least that's what I think some will be at least five-book series. Moon Princess will probably reach that, possibly six. Flower in the Dust has fourteen sketchbooks so it is more likely it will make to seven...yeah possibly seven or ten, just with sketchbooks there are only like 70 pages in one sketch-book (sometimes more) and I want at least 200 pages in each book. So I will have to add.

There is one book that I believe will take at least 15-20 books, for it is one of those books that take forever to accomplish the main plot. I am on book 11 with this series and I'm like, "There's so much more...this is a forever book," which isn't a bad thing, I enjoyed reading the whole series of Rurouni Kenshin and Fruit Basket along with From Far Away, they are all pretty long and I enjoyed them very much, no matter how long it was they were good series.

This book I'm talking about is called Gaining Altitude and it's my favorite book. I would love to get right into it, but I don't know I love the other books I'm doing and I know I can't being be doing too much at a time, so I'm going to focus on these other books.

Sweet and Sour

Flower In the Dust

Legendary Warrior

Moon Princess

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

First few Chapters of Sweet and Sour

I have finished book one of Sweet and Sour since November 2019, and I've been working on the second one but now stuck for I feel like I should make it three books so I'm trying to figure that out. I want to really focus on other books this book was really only a test trial for I didn't know how to use a tablet or the program, it was all new to me. Now that I've mastered it I want to get into my stories that are great and fun to read.

Sweet and Sour is fun, don't get me wrong, but I made it short for reasons I just explained. I still want this book to be out so I can accomplish at least one book but I would like to see what you guys think. This book is about good vs bad, how angels and devils work in the mortal world, how they can influence people to do good or bad. Now a girl that was already dead manage to go back to the mortal world and lost all of her memories and a man name Izumi has to take care of her.

He has a sour attitude about it and it is funny how she acts around him, for his ex-girlfriend gets jealous and wants her away from Izumi. Drama! The girl twin sister Lark tries to find her memories before the time limit is up, but what people don't know is...someone is betraying. 

I have here the first few chapters of what I've done and got someone to help me with the editing. And please tell me your thoughts and opinions I would like to hear them, I 'll post more chapters and still figure out how to make it into three books.


 Chapter one Angel Loses Memories

Chapter 2

I do enjoy doing this story don't get me wrong, I have developed a lot of the characters and the story and made the story that is has a very powerful message about the good and the bad, we need to learn from the bad to understand what good is. Even though we really do go through so much in life, (I know I have) we learn what makes up happy and it helps us enjoy life.

I am going to do only two-book series for I'm pretty sure that's how it's going to be, probably will be the shortest manga I'll do but I have many others that will be more.

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