Thursday, March 28, 2024

Link Videos With Ebb and Flow


Hello, people of the world. Krissy here with another post. 

    If you haven't, please check out Ebb and Flow Gamerz, link right here. I am the editor of this channel and enjoy doing their videos. It's fun and funny, and if you love Zelda like I do you'll love the latest videos we've been doing. We are doing a series of Skyward Sword, who here has played it? Is it your favorite? I have done some fan pictures from the game, and here they are.

    Do you have a favorite character from this game? I want to do more but I've been so slacking on the fan arts. I tend to do this, where I will be so on top of it, and then I crash and don't do any of it at all for some time. I do have depression and anxiety and could be part of it, but I also think it's my disorder. I have Central Auditory Processing Disorder, (a form of ADHD) and I get hyper-focus on something for a while and then just lose it. Takes me a while to get back into it.
    I have been watching and rewatching Hazbin Hotel, and I want to draw the characters in my style so so bad, but again...that fire isn't there I rather play video games or be with my kids. Or just something, I just have a hard time sitting down and doing it. 
    I'm still working on my next book Five Star Princesses, but it's also lacking, I don't know what happened, for a whole month I was doing 10 pages a week, but now...I can barely do one, it's really frustrating, I don't know why I lost it, but hopefully, after Spring Break it'll be back on track.

    Spring break is coming up and I am excited about it, my boyfriend is coming to town because he lives far away, and my kids and I (plus two of my siblings) are all going down to Bryce Canyon. It's one of my favorite canyons here in Utah, there's a lot of easy hikes, and the view is gorgeous.  My kids aren't the greatest at hiking so that will be a challenge but cannot wait to go and enjoy the red rocks. 
This is supposed to take place in Arches, one of the first paintings I've done you can obviously tell.

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