Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How to get more followers? Don't ask me I don't know either

So I recorded myself, a while ago, about this comic.

And made a video about it, I find this comic very funny and didn't think it would go anywhere, for I have more followers on Facebook than my Youtube channel, Instagram I for some reason is number one of followers. So when I posted this I was thinking I will only get two views for that seems the only views I get when I post a video in one day. But not this video, when I did this video I had 30 views in one day. 


I was shocked and right now it's around 65 views, I did this video a few weeks ago but 65 is the most views I got. I have never had that many in a few days, I don't know how I did it but I want that again, but how?? What was it that people want to look at it??

 I always try new ideas to get people to look at my channel, but I don't know the trick, I tried the try not to laugh challenges, I tried animations that are true and funny, some other stories that have no moral sense in them, I tried adding a weird character name Flanngy that speaks weird and does strange things with different people. Right now I am sticking to speed draw with some songs I have written. 

(They are fun songs, I hope one day I'll make an album for I have quite a bit of song I have written. My singing voice isn't the greatest but I don't know its not that bad either.)

But I haven't succeeded, I don't know why the Fat comic got so popular so fast, was it the title? I don't know, I tried to do something personal, my favorite artist, Imogen Heap, and my first boyfriend,  then my relative that is dealing with breast cancer. I drew a picture for her cause I felt inspired too, it has all the symbols towards her. It's one of my best work yet I feel like.

The vase that's holding those flowers is the breast cancer symbol. I shared it with Facebook in my personal profile and tagged her in it and said some great things about her, for she is amazing women, I won't tell you who she is but I know this has been hard for her. 

I don't know how to add videos at the end of my videos to have people click on them for my other videos, I see other people do it but they don't explain how to do it. I mainly do my uploads on my phone for my laptop is very limited on stuff, I can't make my art videos fast like I would like it too to make it shorter on my laptop, and each time I try to upload a movie maker it always ask for something every time I want to export it. So dumb, I miss Windows Movie Maker I enjoy that program, I can't get it now for some reason. 

Anyways so what I do I send the video to myself so I can upload it on my phone and then edit it on my phone and then upload it on my phone. It's the only way I can do it now and each time I do it doesn't give me the option to like add other videos at the end or whatnot... I just don't know how to get more viewers and subscribers. If you wondering too...don't ask me I don't know. 

I have been passing out at work TWO times now and the third attempt I went straight to my doctor and passed out at the office. What's wrong with me? No one knows, they check with everything and can't seem to figure it out. I do not like it since the second faint I have been having dizziness and it gives me headaches cause of it. So I can't work for a while...maybe never until they figure out what's wrong. 
Also, I have hardly done anything my book Sweet and Sour for I have been working on making posters for FAN-X!! I can't wait for that!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cartoon Characters are Not boyfreinds

So big news, I am going to Fan X to present my ART! Along with my friend who got the booth at the place, and I'll tell ya that's not cheap, I am so excited!

I just recently did a video about my love for my boyfriends and my hubby. My first boyfriend, or what I consider to be my boyfriend was a fictional cartoon character name Sanosuke Sagara from a show called Rurouni Kenshin. I was in love with him thru my jr and high school, he was all I could think about, I would watch the show over and over again and would think the show over and over again but only add me to it. And how I imagine myself as a high school girl wearing a blue button shirt and a dark blue skirt. I have drawn her a few times and you probably recognize her a few times.

My Character is supposed to be a Goddess that created the world that Sanosuke lived, but had an evil sister that wanted to take my world away so she would always come in and tried to take over. I had super light powers and had a few transformations into my magical girl. I did become evil one time but by Van Hell Sing anime I regain my good side and fought back my light and returned to Sanosuke. 

Yeah, I was weird.

Yeah, that's how I imagine myself. I don't know why the certain clothing for I remember years ago I had a dream that I was naked...yes it was one of those dreams... and I found clothes and quickly put them on and it was this dark blue skirt with a light blue button-up shirt and right when I found the clothes I found Sanosuke in the distance and I quickly came to him and hugged him. Besides the dream, I just since then imagine myself like that.

Anyways so yeah I had imaginary adventures with Sansouke I made up tones of different stories about him and me and it got to the point where my parents bought the actually plush toy of him and he was holding dangling earrings for me, it was on the of best presents I have ever received.

He wasn't the only one that I was head over heels for, I had others, I had a crush on Johnny Depp and did the same thing imagine myself in his movies and such. I had another major crush on Howl from Howls Moving Castle, when I watch that movie the first time my heart just melt, I loved him so much, I kind of dumped Sanosuke for a while and got myself caught up with Howl, would imagine myself replace Sophie and have other adventures together.

I also had a crush on Fakir from Princess Tutu but couldn't replace Aihru, same with Izark from From Far Away manga.

Along with Link from the game Legend of Zelda, and Robert Downey Jr. 

I have also fallen in love with Jake Skeleton, I would have dreams about skeletons and how I would fall in love with them.  Along with bad guys also like Voldemort from Harry Potter, the Joker, and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a time show.

Yeah, I'm weird.

So from all that I still hoped to have a real boyfriend by the time I turned 21, I was done with my mission from my church and was ready to date single guys. But no one really was interested in me. I was hoping to date a few guys and then maybe one will stand out to be the one. That didn't happen, only one guy has asked me out, and that one guy was my first everything. I have told my story on my First Kiss video a year ago and he is the greatest. My song Winning Prize was my first romantic song and it was for him on our wedding day. Winning Prize is one of the best songs I have ever written the chorus shows it.

Winning Prize

The rain clouds starts to clear up
when you look at me
my heartbeat cant calm down
the snowmans can't keep me cold forever
for I feel so Hot when I'm around

From Cartoon Movies famous actors
that are really good looking
I can compare
that my goal in life and
winning prize is here
and always be

gravity is keeping me on the ground anymore
the look you have makes me float away
and cannot get back down
oh I get emotional when you get so
far away

can I slip and fall to get your attention
for your real in this world and not
a fiction story or fantasty life

Friday, July 12, 2019

Imogen Heap music Inspiration

Hello, it's been a while since my last post and it's because I have been so busy. I have been working and at first, I absolutely hated it, the first time doing it I came home telling my hubby how much I didn't like my job. I work at a type of thrift store and I help put things from the back away to its proper place. I don't know why I don't like it I just don't.

After two weeks of working there, I passed out during work. I remember feeling nauseous and light headed and soon felt like I was going to faint. I totally did and some of my co-workers quickly came to me and got me to a chair and called 911. The people came but I didn't go with them for I'm pretty sure I just overworked myself and wasn't used to it. I have never been on my feet for seven hours straight for five days and sometimes had to walk to work and home. My job was like half a mile away so being on my feet was a pain and my knee wasn't in the best health it just was so much on me.

But I don't understand why my fingers went numb that freaked me out.

Anyways so yeah I have a job and I went to Saint George last week and that was fun so I haven't drawn anything for five days I was happy to be home and drawing again.

I made a video about a composer name Imogen Heap, she has been a role model to me growing up. She has inspired me to make my own music, even though I can't read music very well I made over 100 songs. Yes, today I can only remember how to play like half of the music I wrote but I do enjoy playing on the guitar or piano and singing to my lyrics.

Imogen Heap isn't making albums anymore, or at least at the moment, it's been a long time since she did a song and just recently she did one and I was totally excited and decided to draw her and I recorded myself doing it not sure if I was going to do with it. But I did I made it to Youtube and explained how I did this picture tributing on her new song. This picture represents three of her albums, 'Speak for Yourself" is her hairstyle and flower in her hair and that fury shoulder thinging she's wearing, 'Elisp' is the color in the background that black and gold color, and lastly 'Sparks' the white streak in her hair. 

I still listen to her songs I think she is great, I love how she performs her music it's so cool before she would use tons of keyboards and would have to go back and forth to play while she's singing, then it went to playing with more instruments and recording a lot during her performing, and now she has these gloves that I think she has invented them so she can perform her songs lot easier. These Mi Mu gloves are her greatest inventions, and it's amazing to watch her perform them.

I am on page 145 in Sweet and Sour, I am so close to finishing this book, well so close and yet so far, I just need to get it done and get an editor or try to's better if someone else does it.

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