Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Slow Down

I need to slow down for a bit for I need to sketch out chapter two. I did a little bit but I didn't finish, sketching it out won't take long just might make my schedule slow so I will have to make up some time.

I had a dream about this picture.
I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Character Wyatt

Update on that story about that dream I had, I think I'm going to change the name to Vivian instead of Erika, Erika wasn't doing for me and when I heard Vivian from a movie I was watching the other day just hit me.

As for my life right now I have a major headache at this time I don't know if it's from lack of sleep for my baby doesn't want to sleep at night anymore for she is too busy crying, so when I get her to stop crying I cannot move or else she cries again. I am working on chapter two and honestly, I am going faster with this chapter already than I did with chapter one. I have been trying to do two pages a day and I have done that mostly. There have been times where I only do one or a half or not do one for I'm too busy dealing with kids or life, but at least I am doing it and it's moving faster. Well, hopefully, I can keep it up cause I want to get it done before or on Christmas.
So I don't think I have explained who this guy is yet, he is one of the characters that help find the crystals. His name is Wyatt and he looks young (well when you die you look young) but he died at age 35. He had a rough life like anyone else would growing up with big brothers picking on him, being adult never found love, working as an architect, and such. He died with cancer, he found out he had a massive mas in his head and didn't have enough time to cure it.
When he died he met Chiaki and Imogen, Chiaki became his teacher and (If you don't know who Chiaki or Imogen are checked out my other post Wyatt has a crush on Imogen. He likes to hang around her, wants to be her friend even though she is with Chiaki at the moment and Imogen is like a foot taller than him. 

That's basically it, I don't know for sure if Imogen does fall for him eventually or not but Wyatt is awesome and likes to be with her even though he can't be with her. I like him as a good kind boy, he does have a good heart, he learned that from his mom. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Music videos

So when I was a teenager and figure out how to use a Windows Movie Maker, I was all over it. I love making videos and still do I think it's part of my calling besides making stories. I have posted videos on my original youtube account which is just my name, and my parents absolutely hated that. They hate youtube, which I can understand for Youtube does have bad stuff in it, but it also has good stuff in it. So we were banned from Youtube, could not use it and it did crush me for I really like making those videos.

Now that I allow for I am old enough and have my own computer to do whatever I want, (I don't abuse Youtube) I want to post my videos! So I couldn't find my original videos it's lost gone but still on Youtube, or well what's on Youtube, for we made more videos then what's on there and I'm going to share them with you.

It's not on K Productions 3.0 it's still on my original one Krystal Williams, I couldn't figure out how to get my videos and get them on my K Productions channel so yeah, Subscribe my K Productions 3.0 channel I want to go beyond on that one.

Also, we did these videos before the name K Productions came so if the credits say KKK then that’s because I name it and didn't know what the Kkk was the three K’s is supposed to represent our names which are Karli Krystal and Kynsie.

I was turning sixteen on this video how strand I was so young. My style in this video was a style I still like, I like how crazy my hair is and how my outfit was, just my hubby doesn't quite approve he finds it weird, which it is but I like it. I did my sisters hair and outfits as well, it doesn't match but the point is to be weird and out of place, but I find beauty in it.

If I do become popular one day I would still like to have that style and lose weight, for I have gained a lot over the years and being pregnant did it. I can't believe I thought I was fat at that time, look how well skinny I was. I am working our and eating right, just take time and patience. Do you guys remember the comic I did for this subject?
This comic isn't it so funny and true unless you don't experience this then you are lucky.

We were waiting for something and decided to take time to make a video, not the best action video for the part where she is supposed to shoot the pumpkins it doesn't look like she is for the pumpkins don't explode or anything. 

This will be the last video I'll show. Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap are our favorites, along with Tegan and Sara and more but we do most of our music videos with those three. They are awesome and makes music to our soul. I know I posted a lot of music videos but I guess I just want to show my background of making videos. I have made music videos with my friends too and I'm the one that puts the video together and I enjoy it. I hope to make more in the future just hard to get the K Production team together for we are all grown up married have kids or at college. 

And remember, I didn't know what KKK meant back then so if you see that in credits don't laugh or think it's the real KKK, the three K's was an idea I though would be cool to call us for we are the three K names, I had no idea what the KKK really meant.

Dream story

Do you ever had a dream and you feel like you can write a story about it? I do a lot, but didn't really bother with it, well only a few times at least. Last night I had a bizarre dream but when I woke up I kept thinking about it and thought how it could potentially be a story.

In my dream I was in school and apparently I was very smart and had a boyfriend but my boyfriend dumb me and all of my class mates hate me cause of how smart I was, rude, and so there was a party happening at the school and everyone was having fun but then a monkey came out of nowhere and scared everyone away soon a man that was sitting on a wheel chair got up and grabbed me and put me in his car.

The monkey was driving and the man was explaining to me how they needed me to get home now, I didn't understand and begged them to take me to my home that I think was home with my mom, but they wouldn't so I cried. Soon we were very hungry and I suggested Wendy's and when we got there I made a phone call privately to my friend Whitney and she had no idea who I was. It was like I didn't exist anymore. I cried again and the man and monkey found me and tried to explain that I'm not from this world and such.

I then woke up but kept thinking about this dream. I don't know what I could do to this dream or how to make a story, I find it funny that the monkey was driving the car and the man kept kissing my face, yeah the man kept kissing my face it was like I was his lost love or something.

She's most likely a Alien, and her smartness explains it for maybe her type of alien shows she adsorbs knowledge more than a human being. Her mom probably found her or something maybe it could be a thing where aliens found her mom to take care of her until the moment is right to bring her back home, it could be like a story where the main character isn't safe at her own planet and needs to be taken care of somewhere else until it is safe. Maybe?

The main character name will be...hmm...Erika? The mom name is Hannah, the Monkey name is Mo-mo, and the man name is...Quinn. Yes? Maybe I don't know for sure but lets keep brainstorming.

Erika is from a different universe and when she was born a jealous friend that had feelings for the father of the baby was about to kill the baby and the mother but only succeeded to kill the mother  the father saved the baby and sent a servant to get the baby safe. Maybe the servant was Quinn and he traveled far to Earth where he found Hannah to take her in. Erika original name is Morphaphine, and Quinn original name is Qort. Yeah that should work right? And over time he kept a eye on Erika for he couldn't get back home, and got a pet monkey maybe...yeah I like that.

I think I already got a name for this story, it will be called Humanoid, for she isn't human or is that name really for robots that look like humans? I have been told humanoid means not human and that's what she is, could that work? I like the idea and maybe I could try to add robots in it, maybe since Erika is so smart she can make robots, maybe?

I like the idea so far but I don't know if it will go anywhere at this point for I'm too focus on my book, videos, and my children.
 Here's a new comic I recently did, I find it hilarious and I hope you will too. You can find more comics on Facebook K productions or Instagram K Productions 3.0. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

First Unedited Chapter of Sweet and Sour

Hello, so I was hesitant to post this but decided to do it, I feel really accomplished even though it took me like...five months to do one chapter, hopefully, I can do the next chapter faster and get the book done before Christmas, I want to do at least 200 pages or do three chapters, not sure which one will come first for this first chapter took 60 pages, and I did not expect that. It's not edited for my grammar is bad but I hope it makes sense and maybe someone wants to edit for me for free...maybe? I hope this was ok to post, I worked really hard on it and hope you can appreciate it as much as I did. It's not perfect either, I'm still learning how to do this so you have any pointers comment below, I would like to hear your ideas.

And that's chapter one, a little Prolonge in the beginning but that basically chapters one and working on chapter two. My goal is to do two pages A DAY, yes I don't know if I can for so far I missed a few days and made up for it yesterday but I am trying to do two pages A DAY. Oh man, it's happening. Maybe after Christmas, I'll take a break.

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