Monday, November 26, 2018

Oh my My Laptop

So if you're wondering why I haven't written a post in a while is because my Laptop would not turn on. Like the screen will stay black, so I just figure out how to get it working again and this really means I can't finish my book by Christmas, I would literally have to do 10 pages a day to catch up and that is not going to happen, sorry I can do so much.

But it was a bummer when it wasn't turning on, it freaked me out cause I don't have the money to buy a new one I mean who does? ...Millionaires, I guess but besides the point I got it working and I am so happy about that I am finally doing so art.

I had some pretty bad postpartum moment on Thanksgiving and that was no fun, especially how we (me and my family) get to stay at this gorgeous cabin own by my brother in law. It was fun eating and playing games but for some reason, I was dealing with an episode that night and just cried in the room we were staying.

Postpartum is just the worst, I'm thinking of doing a video about it to explain what it is for it is just pain, anger, frustration, and so forth. It's like a fire and won't go away unless I run away from everyone and everything I have to do to survive like eating food and water. I mean I like food don't get me wrong, for Thanksgiving my favorite food is pretzel Jello.

Some people say jello is dessert, I think not, it's a fruit salad.

Before my stupid laptop died on me I manage to do some Thanksgiving comics, if you on Instagram or Facebook then you probably have seen these already but here they are again I hope you like them, you can comment below of which one is your favorite.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Columbus day

On one of the times of Thanksgiving with the whole family, Karli and I did a comic about Thanksgiving but called it Columbus day...I may have spelled it wrong on that title there oops...

This is one of my favorite comics that I did for it is unexpected and just funny. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, my animation skills are either getting better or worst I honestly not sure for its just pictures...I am trying to find that animation skill to do these videos but honestly, it's a killer to do animation period so if you think this type of animation is great please let me know if not please let me know to tell me how to improve or what to do or how to do better animations.

Pizza yum??

Ok so the other day I was trying to do a comic about pizza, and it took forever cause I wasn't sure what I was looking for and my sisters Karli and Kynsie tried to help me and it took forever to figure it out but eventually we found a winner. 
This was one of the pizza comics I tried, it's funny but the problem is that no one really knows who Nonny is, Nonny is the redhead, and no one really knows about her eating disorder she is skinny as a stick and yet eats all the time so it's funny for my sisters and I but I didn't think it would be for you and others and such.

This was the first idea I had, I saw on facebook of someone having a Banana Pizza and I was so gross out, it looked so disgusting and I didn't want to judge but how can you not, you can do a fruit pizza that can have bananas but not on a regular pizza.

Ok, so I have people debate on having pineapple on their pizza if it's gross or it's the best thing ever. I personally think it's great I love Hawaiin pizza but for this comic (not sure why there's a hair for it wasn't originally) I like pineapple on pizza too much that I couldn't do this one.

This was getting there the idea we wanted, my sisters and I love their faces and was really trying to figure it out, the wording is just not quite right.

This is the winner, it's funny and simple, I love it, once we did it I manage to post it on Instagram and facebook hoping everyone else will like it. I kept the pineapple for me and my sister enjoy pineapple on our pizza if you don't that's fine we won't judge but we enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trying to catch up but failing

So I strongly believe that I won't finish my book by Christmas unless I do like eight pages a day and that's rough for I can't even do two a day. Ugh, being a mom and doing my book is so hard, I sometimes miss the days where I did my story all the day long but I did do it on my sketchbook not on a computer with a tablet.

I remember the time that my older brother got a tablet, a Wacom, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. He told me though I can't use it unless I pay him $15 dollars each time I want to use it. Ugh, I never did pay him but I did use it when he wasn't around. Especially at night, during the day he uses it and when he plays his video games at night I would sneakily use it. It was weird at first but I then got the hang of it. I saved my projects on my USB and he never found out.

Eventually, he got married and moved out with his new wife so that meant he took his Wacome and I was so sad. I was back on paper feeling gloomy. Years and years later he got a new tablet the one that you can draw right on the screen and so I ask if I could have his old one and he didn't. Years later my younger sister got me a small tablet that worked only a few months, it needs to upgrade but I didn't know how so I couldn't use it. I ask my brother for help but nothing! He even said he will give me his old one but he never ever ever ever did!! I was miserable, I was so sad for months cause I couldn't work on my projects anymore. And I'm pretty sure I gave my sister laptop a virus for trying so many times...hopefully not but that's why I gave up cause it wouldn't upgrade, the stupid phone number of the company doesn't work and when I chat with them online they were being so STUPID! They didn't help at all so I was forever upset.

I have already explained this story a few times now, my best friend got me a new one for Christmas/Birthday gift and I am enjoying every time I use it which is basically every day.

So anyway that's my catch up I am really struggling to finish this book by Christmas it's just not going to happen. But I am still doing funny comics, if you aren't following me on Facebook or Instagram do it you get to read these comics.

Do you eat turkey for Thanksgiving or ham? We do both but I prefer turkey sorry I'm not a pig fan.

So yeah if you are doing a manga or book how do you catch up? And to make this fair you have to be a parent while working on your story or else you can't relate to me, just kidding but I do need pointers, I am always trying to work while my kids are asleep but my baby needs me all the time so I literally have her on me while trying to work.
This is my life.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Quotes or poems

Oh man, I'm behind schedule, I knew I would be but was hoping I wouldn't. I'm kinda stuck like I have it written but I don't think I like it does that ever happen to you? I am changing the story a little bit, not a ton and like you wouldn't care cause you haven't even read the story. I hope this change is for the better and it will flow just right.

I don't think it's bad to change at the last minute as long you feel good about it I mean it is my story and I hope it will good. Something that everyone would like to read and such.

Anyways I've been spending a little too much time on Instagram, and the funny thing is that I never did before, Facebook is my thing Instagram was a new thing that I'm still not sure how it works but I decided to put K Productions 3.0 on there because I will get more people to look at my stuff for no one on Facebook is. I would invite people and nothing happens. With Instagram it's INSTA magic,  I already have 30 people following me, which is better than Facebook for I only have 21 followers and it took forever to get that number.

I have been trying to find ideas to post on Instagram, for I want to post at least once a day. I ran out of ideas the other day and I was in a panic so I ask for some advice from my sisters and we put our heads together and I made these.

This speaks a lot of truth, for one thing, I don't like plain oatmeal, do you? I prefer peaches and cream or add brown sugar to it, you can't eat it plain it's too gross, it's like eating a raw salad with no dressing, it's gross.

Life is hard, so hard and when it just keep saying no to you for the things you want to do you got to say yes back and this blog is basically what I'm trying to do for life, I want to publish my books songs whatever get a little fam and maybe make a little money. I mainly just want to do what I like to do, it's my last draw.
You can find this poem on my shop you can get it in a T-shirt and such.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Organic Spreaders

Organic Spreaders Club was developed to spread apples to the world, purchase of course, and it didn't last. When I was doing this video it was tough I don't think I'll do it in that way again, I did it on my I pad with a writable stick on the Ipad and I went through three of the sticks and I don't like it. The animation is not good and it's just not my favorite. 

So enjoy the video and I just hope you like the story.

The original story happened 2007? And it was split in two comic and it was called Hairbrush, not Organic Spreaders. It may be hard to read but I hope you can read it and enjoy the original story. The video is better.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

My first kiss

Growing up I love romance, I like watching romantic movies and reading romantic books and love the feeling when I imagine them kissing and such. I always try to imagine how my first kiss will be and how I will get married and who it will be with.

In this video, it explains my experience of my first kiss, and I don't know maybe it happens to you too, or not but I always thought kissing someone would be magical, mine didn't. It does now, I love kissing my husband just not the first time for it felt nothing.

I like drawing people kissing, it's hard to do for the first time I've done it looked pathetic. Practice makes perfect, I would study how to draw people kissing and did it over and over again.

Heres some examples on how to draw couple kissing.

The Struggle is Real

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