Monday, March 23, 2020

Corona Virus Zombies Meme (Plus almost all the comics I have ever done so far)

If you don't know about the chaos going on right now I'll explain briefly, there's a virus called Corona Virus, COVID-19 that has been spreading rapidly around the whole world and everyone is freaking out. Once it reached here in Utah people started taking things from stores, and at first, I thought this is all a joke for I kept seeing memes about toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper. But once I went to store myself and see there's no toilet paper...oh, this is becoming a thing and soon everything on every isle is going empty, I have never seen a store so little of the stuff. Everything was so empty it was crazy to see.

I started to panic myself and tried to get stuff thinking this is the end of the world, there were no baby wipes, only a little bit of diapers and that scared me the most for I have two kids, I don't know if I have enough to make it for a week so I just grabbed what I could and wished for the best.

But I really think people are overthinking this, I mean yeah it's best if we all stayed indoors until this virus is more settle and secured for we don't want to hold up hospitals that would worst than no food at the stores. Well, not exactly but I think you know what I mean.

With all the memes I've been seeing I decided to make one for myself. I wasn't sure what to do but I wanted something about Toilet Paper being like the enemy towards the Coronavirus cause that's what it looks likes (though it's not true). The coronavirus is a sickness that is like the flu but feels worst so I imagine it being like zombies for I know when I'm deadly sick I feel like a zombie so I decided to do this. 

Whitney and Tutu have the coronavirus and turned into zombies while Nonny has the power of the toilet paper and hand sanitizer that should help her be protected from the zombies. Probably won't work she'll most likely get it but when society acting like this I find it very funny, what do you think?

I don't think you would turn into a zombie-like that, but I would truly belive you would feel like the undead. There have been deaths happening with the virus but its not as bad as people made it be. If I do get it and die from it...that would be sad, I can't leave my kids behind like that that would devastate me in heaven.

I have made another meme that is making fun of another meme that I kept seeing on my Facebook and Instagram all the time so I decided to make one.

It's the one with the blond girl yelling and the is eating something, I'm not sure how this started a trend but I know mine didn't get into that trend but I still think it's pretty hilarious what do you think?

I think that's all meme I have done so far...I don't do many memes, mainly comics.

This isn't all the comics I have done so far, this is just most of the short comics I have done, I have done other comics about the Intriguing Sisters and also doing my story comics, illustrations, manga, whatever you want to call them, I do those too. 

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