Friday, August 31, 2018

My explaination of my story

Ok I hope this video works for in order to understand Imogen story or even the whole story of Sweet and Sour I have drawn out the Heaven plan and hopefully you will understand it at the end, now again I explain this in the video but just in case I need to tell you whoever is reading this is that this is not real, it’s fictional and not true, it was made up by me and help from my little sister Kynsie, so please if you are religious just know this isn’t true. It’s the story of my creation.

I sure hope you understand this video or even can watch it, I have no idea if videos can work on this blog.

if you still can't read it, I'll explain it again.

HEAVEN PLAN-Sweet And Sour

We live on earth then DIE> Go to heaven and we have three choices 
  1. Become a savior by going to Heaven school and once you're a savior you get a halo and serve on earth for 100 years helping those to do good. And once you serve your time you can go to the Abliss place that's full of rainbows and unicorns.
  2. Become a devil by going to Heaven school and once you're a devil you can serve on earth for 100 years helping those to do bad. And once you serve your time you go to the Abyss place that's full of fire and brimstone.
  3. Become a mist, a mist doesn't get to go to school, you can roam through earth unseen and just do whatever but can't influence anyone to do good or bad. Nor can you go to Abliss or Abyss place.
There are three doors in heaven.

  1. Immortal door - Saviors, Devils, and Mists can use this door to roam on earth UNSEEN and serve their duties without getting hurt and such.
  2. Mortal door- Saviors and Devils can only use this door for good legit reason, you can be SEEN and can get hurt and possibly die and if you die you only turn to ghost--and being a ghost is like a mist but the only difference is that you can't be seen by anyone and you can't go back to heaven, only be on earth with no one. Unless they use the pre-mortal door which will be explained soon--Mist can't use this door for they don't have a reason.
  3. Pre-Mortal door- this door is for those that haven't got the chance to live on earth for you need to be a living before you get to do any of the heaven plans (to be a savior or a devil) there are thousand beyond thousands of spirits that can use this door to become a living soul on earth. This also gives another chance for the ghost to live again> the catch is that they will be a completely different person, forget their memories, and possibly won't work for a ghost for there might be a chance that they won't survive thru the pre-mortal door again. yeah I forgot to mention about the ghosts in the video or on my plan, I'll probably make another one or just be done explaining...this is a good understanding of Sweet and Sour for what happens is that Joy the main twin character gets end up in the Pre-Mortal door and that made all of her memories disperse into round crystal balls and flooded on the area she landed on earth. Which is Japan and Lark her twin sister has to find them quickly before she becomes a ghost.

And if you look at these pictures have an example of the round memories crystal balls, the idea came from the movie Labyrinth, I don't know why I chose the memories to be round but I like it and keep it.
Lark and her crew that are going to help her find all the crystals, and if you can see Imogen in the bottom middle I'm going to do her story soon. 

And this is Destiny holding a crystal, who knows what she is going to do with them.

And I didn't explain the repenting process which is basically going to heaven school for a longer time, and I didn't explain the twelve leaders and the creator which is basically God but not exactly, and let me say again that this is for Sweet and Sour story only, it's FICTIONAL, not real, it's my story I can do what I want, if you create a story then do what you want with it, but this is mine and this is what I did.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Destiny story

So after the last post about me explaining Imogen made me want to do her story more in depth, I'm drawing it right now it's a short story and so I'm just quickly drawing it on my sketchbook and pen, yes a pen, I usually do a pencil but I thought I should do a pen so it can be more seeable when I post it, it's not done but once it is I would like to show it to you.

 It's a sad story but has a good ending. She does die no matter what but death isn't the end of this story.

Well, I say that cause people think this life is just it, we live and die and be no more. I don't believe that, but if you do then fine but you don't then we should talk about it cause I truly believe there's more after death and we will see our lost ones again.

Anyways I have to manage to do another page of my story and have done a comic, I also drew Destiny again, the first time was a lot better but this is showing how she is planning,  her story is very tragic too...maybe I can share a little bit of her story.

Destiny was just a little girl when her parents abused her, her dad will hit and her mom will just scream. And they didn't care that she ran away from home, more like kidnapped. An elderly man took her and that was the last time she saw her parents and thought being kidnapped will be better, but it didn't. The man did more horrible things to her than anyone can imagine. She tried to escape but never succeeded, the only time she was free was when she took her last breath.
Destiny died at age 12, and it was a relief for her to find out that she was in heaven, but the relief was gone moments later when she notices how wrong this whole system is. 

Heaven has a way to go to the Abliss place or the Abyss place, to get to the Abliss you need to be a Savior and be an influencer to the living to do what's right, and to go to the Abyss place you will need to be a devil and influence the living to do wrong.  
Destiny saw this as a mistake, why would there be such devils? Why would the creator of the earth and heaven do such a thing? What she went thru was something that no one should ever go thru.
And that's where she had the idea.

I'm going to stop there for that's what the story starts pretty much. I hope that makes sense making your own story is great, but to create a whole idea about heaven can be tough, Kynsie (my sister) and I had to plan out this heaven how it works and such and it took years. but that's what makes a good story right? 

here's the comic I did.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Character Imogen

More face expression chibi style. Chibi is a term way of saying small cute chubby in the anime world. You can turn any character into one but make sure they are cute and cuddly.  An expression is important, it helps in in understanding the character feels and the situation they are in. I like drawing chibis. 

So this week not only did I draw two pages of my story like I said my goal was, but I did another comic and painted some characters. I feel accomplished, my baby was mostly asleep so it wasn’t that bad to do. Sure I had some rough nights but I manage and having a second baby is not as hard as it was with my first, and I think it’s because of how nervous I was with my first I had no idea what I was doing and it got me a little paranoid and crazy. 

This is the comic I did and I personally have never been thru a been up but I did have one that's pretty  close, I wasn't with him we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend but we constantly texted each other and he writes me letters on my mission and pretty much ask me out when I got back ( my mission lasted 18 months) but never happen for he stop writing me close to the end of my mission and wasn't until I got home to discover that he has a girlfriend. That hurt we never went on that date that I was looking forward too, but we are good we are still friends 

This is Imogen from my story sweet and sour, she’s a side character but she discovers the bad guy first so she is important in the book. Imogen is a name I love, for I got it from my favorite music artist Imogen Heap, if you don’t know her to go look her up on YouTube she is like a one women band, she did the song Can’t Take it In in the credits of Narnia (the first movie) and she is cool. Anyways I got sidetracked, this Imogen is a tough girl more Tomboy than girly, she hates the color pink and likes to be alone. She is an angel so when she was alive on earth she was murdered in England London. She is friends with Drake who is a teacher to Lark and Joy, I need to introduce Drake for he is like the fourth main character. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Face expressions

Drawing manga is not difficult, I mean drawing anything takes practice, but when I discover manga it looked easy and it’s all because of the nose. Yes, the nose, and that’s why I find it easy. Drawing as a kid one teacher told me to draw a nose like an actual nose 👃 and I never liked it, and felt like that was the only way to draw a nose for the characters I drew as a kid. But when manga came to my laugh how they do noses I fell in love. Funny story. 

Also, manga or anime, in general, like to express their faces in different expressive is a fun cool way. But you do need to get it, when I drew my first comic a lot of my family members didn’t understand some faces and I had to explain but it didn’t do much they were still confused. So I did another drawing trial thing about drawing anime expressive, I did it on my sketchbook late one late for being a mom of two I get no sleep anymore. I drew the actual face and on the side is a chibi face of the same expression.

Of course, there's a lot more but I hope this helps with someone that doesn't understand anime faces. And how chibi faces don't usually give noses, I might do another one soon.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My new goals


So it finally happened. My baby is here I was in the hospital for four days for I had a c-section so that meant longer recovery, and though I’m still in pain and taking care of my new one baby (who I love so dearly) and getting lack of sleep I am still determined to do my goals. I probably have to change my goals now for I don’t think I can do five pages a week but I want to do two pages a week. It will be slow but I need to take it slow.

So far I haven’t finished the first chapter, which I was hoping to get done before my little precious baby came, but I did slack it off a few times and didn’t mean my goal each week. So tomorrow or sometime this week or just by the end of the week I will do at least two pages, one page will be ok but my goal will be two.

Like I said in my last post I did quit I bit, I drew Lark ⬆️ And I am proud of myself of it fir I really like how I did the background.

This picture is Lark determination to save her twin sister and fight those that will stand in her way. I like how I added that sword and how she is placing  her hands on them, it gives a good look for her.

Summer is almost ending and I have done summer pictures of Monny Whitney and Tutu, if you like K Productions on Facebook you’ll probably already have seen them.
If you can tell where this is taking place then awesome, some have and some haven’t it’s in Utah one of my favorite places to go, it arches in Moab. 

School is coming around the corner already and though I’m not in school or my children (not yet anyway) but for who knows these sisters could be. 

When I was a kid I have always run lemonade stands and got a little money out of it. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Eyes I do

Hello, so no baby yet but I’ve been more active in my drawing though, I did go to the the hospital twice in a row and nothing happened...but it’s going to happen soon so I feel like I have to draw before she comes. Cause once she comes I don’t know when I’ll have the time. I did two pages for Sweet and Sour this week, plus a painting plus a Nonny Whitney and Tutu comic, plus another fun picture of Whitney, and I manage to do another tutorial thing. Whoo!

So I'm going to show the tutorial thing I did, it's mainly eyes, eyes that I like to draw for my characters. I do get creative and try to make each character different, but these are the main eyes I do.
I hope you can read and see that ok, I did it on my tablet this time.

I'm going to show the comic I did, I do feel accomplish this week even though I didn't do my goal exactly. But I do enjoy drawing, it helps with my depression and anxiety.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

My first tutorial

Hello, so I was looking at Pinterest and like to add tutorials on my board and one time I thought, “hmm maybe I should create those” so I did, I did one. I might do more in the future for I wasn’t too bad, sure I just used my phone to take pictures of it for I did it with a sketchbook and pen but hopefully it will teach you something.

Now everyone has a different taste of anime or manga, some find one other more attractive and draw more like that style, that’s what happened to me anyways when I was learning I basically copy from my manga books (the one I like the style the best) and kept going for that look. So this tutorial I’m showing how I draw a girls face.


 I don’t know if you can see and read that, I’ll try to do a better one next time. But to end those post here’s another comic I’ve done, also I manage to draw two pages of Sweet and Sour that was great.

Sunday, August 5, 2018



So yeah no progress still, but I have done one short comic that I will post on this post. My motivation to draw this week was weak, not sure why being on bed rest shouldn't stop me, all I did was laying or sitting on my bed or couch I could be doing the same thing on my tablet. I still have a child to take care of so of course if I hear her cry or if she needs something I'm there for her. But she's pretty good, she really only needs me if she wants a bottle of milk or food sometimes if she needs a bum change. So maybe this week I can get back to my groove.

I remember when she was born, she was the joy of my life, I loved her dearly and would do anything to help her, even though I had no sleep, had depression and such I would still be there for her. But I also had a boredom problem, the days would go by so slow. And it's funny cause other moms would tell me that their days would be fast, yes the child itself is growing up fast but as taking care of her as an infant till one year old was really tough for me. I just get so bored and all she wants is me and that's fine it's just hard cause I felt like I couldn't be myself. I also have lost my passion in drawing at the time, well really when I got married, things got crazy and I felt like I had no time to draw nor did I see the purpose of drawing. When I got married I lived in an apartment with my husband and was alone a lot, so I got a job at Kneaders and that helped with a lot of things. First money, second doing something. All growing up all I remember doing is either drawing or playing my keyboard piano in my bedroom, (yes I can play, I can also play the guitar and written over 200 songs).

I mean I had no social life like I have friends I would chat at school and they would love to look at my drawings, and I would do sleepovers but I would always have my sketchbook and draw whenever I can, I don't know if that annoy them or not. My best friend, Beth (we will call her Beth) was into drawing comics because of me, so we get each other, we would hang and talk a lot, but as in watching movies and such, we would be on our sketchbooks. She's the one if you've been reading my past posts, that she has published her books and invited me to sell art at this con thing that didn't work out so we are trying to sell our art at a grocery store or something like that.

I have always had big dreams to publish my comic books or music, I wanted to be big, not like famous but just a little to bring people a smile when they read my books or listen to my music. My focus is on my books right now, Sweet and Sour, it will be a 2-4 long books series and it will be clean. Clean as in language and nudity, not really on violence, well this book will be ok on the fighting but in my future books like Moon Princess, there is war and such going on and the main character is a warrior and he is very skilled at his sword fighting.

This blog is supposed to help me achieve my goal to publish my books while being a mom, I love being a mom don't get me wrong, but like what said earlier I was bored, this is helping me find a purpose and be able to function and not be depressed. I know it will be hard when my next little one will come, but this is still something I would like to do.

You can also see my art stuff on my facebook page called K Productions.

This is the comic that I did this past week, it's about sisters giving advice to another sister and will that sister do the advice or just ignore. This comic doesn't really say but I find it funny.

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