Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Becoming a Little Famous


Wow, wow, wow.

So in my last post, I was mentioning how I started a new account on TikTok, I wanted to do something different and new and out of my comfort zone. I created a character name Flanngy Drew, and she is supposed to be weird, positive, funny, and have a weird way of talking. I made a few drafts and wasn't sure if I should post them, but as soon as I did my first video already got five hundred views, which is a lot more than my first Tiktok ever. It only got four views.

It's only been a few weeks since I started this account and last night I checked my Tiktok accounts and notices that Flanngy Drew account got a lot of notifications, and already 1000 followers! Wow, I was blown away, it took me half a year on my first account to get that many followers. 

Hours later, when I was going to post another video I notice even more followers and such, I cannot even believe it! I wanted to make a video about reaching 1000 followers but didn't get the chance, I already got 2000 followers! I cannot believe that. 

 I do though however got some hate comments. Which is fine I expected it to happen, but the fact that I do have hate comments means that my videos are getting noticed! I don't know where Flanngy will go, but I am happy with how successful her videos are going. 

In other news, my first account is going to be my art Tiktok. It still is getting followers, I'm up to 5000 followers which is fantastic. I don't know if I'll lose that when I mainly do art stuff on it, but that's what I'm planning to do. I want to continue doing my art and showing them off.

I'm still working on my book and projects. I haven't done any more of Ebb and Flow videos because complications happened. I got a computer from a good friend of mine, but the computer suddenly stopped working. So before I even got the chance to work on a new video it crashed. So I have to use their laptop again, my laptop doesn't work so well. I can still draw on it, but that's it.

I did also got something else...that I've been wanting for a few months now. I worked on another children's book for a guy that asked me to do, and when he paid me for it I spent it on an Ipad Pro Air. Yep.

I named him Dimitri, named after a character from Fire Emblem Three Houses. I am so addicted to it. I bought the game and use my sister's switch to play it, and I cannot stop playing it. It's my favorite game right now. If my computer gets fixed and I get it back I will call her Edlegard, name after another character from Fire Emblem. Haha!

Ebb and Flow played the game on their channel and you should go check it out. The link will be here.
I did laugh at the title when I saw the trailer of it, being like, "Three Houses? What?!? Hahahaha!" but now I understand why they call it that and think it's a perfect name.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I created Another Tiktok Account

 Hello, people of the Ertha! I have been slacking on a lot of stuff, for one thing, it's been a few weeks since my last post, and I haven't done much in Sweet and Sour book 2. I am so close to getting the second book done, but I have been doing other things and dealing with other crap, but I want to get it done so I can get the third book going, and maybe possibly, my first book will be published!

I have been continuing working on Ebb & Flow Gamerz Youtube videos. The first video was almost two hours long and it was crazy how fast I got it done! I did ask them if they could make the videos shorter, for it was taking a lot of my time to run through the video, see where I need to animate, animate, then put the animations in the video. It takes a lot of my time!

They have shortened their recent videos, which is so nice! And their videos are pretty good if I do say so myself, go check them out link is here.  Again, I am the editor and the artist! I enjoy doing their thumbnails they are fun to make! But also hard.

Apparently Ebb was actually Marth and Flow was Roy...oops. If you don't know, Ebb is the fox and Flow is the wolf.

Ok so this game is my addiction, Fire Emblem Three Houses, when they showed me this game and asked me if I wanted to play, I wasn't so sure I mean yeah I have played Fire Emblem game before but wasn't really interested in this one, but as soon as I started playing it on their switch...I bought the game myself and can't stop playing it.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity is way better than the first Hyrule Warriors...just saying.

I highly suggest that you check these videos out, for they are good and fun to watch. If you like me and like watching people play video games...this is your type of channel. I know I watch people play video games all the time on Youtube, it actually helps me fall asleep at night, well most nights anyways there would be times when it doesn't help and I stay more awake than asleep.

But besides that, I also started a new Tiktok account. 

I have mentioned before that I have a Tiktok account, and have over a thousand followers which is super great! But I was getting tired of what I was doing and wanted to do something else, now that I am more involved in TikTok I decided to try something different, I still have my original account, but I'm going to make it my art TikTok account because I still want to show off my art. But this new account I made is going to be my acting, character, thing. I call it Flanngy Drew. 

This is her.
I created a character long ago while I was doing Youtube, I still have a few videos of this girl on my channel, but deleted most of them because...because I had to. Flanngy is someone that I think is my funky, artsy, creative, silly, and dumb person of myself. I was debating at first if I should do this and as I started to make videos of her I wasn't sure if I post anything...it took a lot of my courage to try for this is all different for me to do and don't know if anyone would like it. But when my first video posted it got a lot of views, like 500 views and that was surprising to me because...my first video on my other account still only has 4 views. Wow.

I am actually really impressed with how many views I keep getting on Flanngy Drew videos and getting followers already. Like wow, it is making me more confident to keep trying her.

The only problem is that I have to wear the same thing. I have decided that when I started being her I wanted to make sure she wore the same thing and such. Even the makeup. So if I have the time of day to get dressed into her and do my hair and make-up like her, I would make about ten videos into my drafts and post them later in the week. It's a good way to do it I think.

You can check her out on Tiktok @flanngydrew. 

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