Tuesday, April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Has Ruled The World

On April first, I wasn't doing any pranks. But I knew that the COVID-19 was, so I decided to do something. I drew a comic of Whitney having the COVID-19 and then got healed but then she got it, AGAIN. Yes, again, that's the prank.

I have heard how this virus has been not leaving people alone that have been healed from it. That must have sucked! This coronavirus has been doing a lot of changes around the world. People are getting greedy, constantly having empty shelves in every store. It took me a while to get rice, today I got lucky, I just went to see if there was any and sure enough, there was and I heel kick myself for I've been wanting rice for a while now. 

This virus has also been causing business going down and dating impossible, just as much as for family gatherings such as weddings and funerals. My grandma is 98...she could die any time, but I hope she will make it to a hundred for this is a bad time to die we couldn't do a proper service for her. 

It is a concern, I haven't done much going out for all I do really is staying indoors watching my kids but I do enjoy getting out to a park once in a while. But I can't even do that! They have told us not to go to any parks and even put police yellow tap around the park that is nearby my home. That's just sad, this is all so sad. So many people are dying and all we can do to prevent it from spreading more is to stay indoors. 

I have tried to do Door Dash but now I'm scared to do even that. I don't want to catch it by accident and if I ever do catch it I have no doubt I will survive, but if I don't survive I can't leave my kids behind, I also can't let my family catch it as well. This virus is ruling the world. Whoever planned this...you win.

Life continues on, here in Utah there was a bad earthquake that I was awoken from. I felt it shaking my bed and felt the walls wiggling like jello and once it stopped all I can think of was my kids. During the quake, I had no idea what was happening and it was scaring me if it continued I wouldn't know what to do, for all I did was lay there freaking out.

And scammers are still out scamming. I almost got fraud the other day and how I figured out, was when she or he said: "My mother passed away, I am so sad, I have to plan the funeral so can I send you a check?" Um, no one is doing that kind of thing now, so once the check came in I took it to the bank and ask if it was real and long story short, a police officer took my check and I told the fraud dude (That wouldn't stop bugging me) that I gave the check to the police and he finally left me alone. 

So watch out everyone, we need to be a concern about the virus but let's not forget everything else. The world is a dangerous place, but at the same time, my kids make me so happy and blessed so it's not all too bad.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Pigs are Cute

I've been telling for a while now about how I'm dealing with my personal life and it is getting better and worst. Yes, it is getting better and worst.

Today I have been so happy about how much I've been accomplishing, I have done a few pages in Sweet and Sour 2, Legend Blue Warrior, and Flower in the Dust. I've been started animating a video that's going to be Motherhood 2: The type of mother I am, and I hope to get it done by the end of next week so I can post something on my Youtube Channel, it has been dead for a while now and it's because I am dealing with an issue in my life that causes me to put everything on pause and just focus on myself.

I don't have the Coronavirus if you are wondering.

So yes I have done more pages in Sweet and Sour, I haven't finished showing the rest of the book one so I don't know if I should share some of the second book just yet. But I am willing to share Flower in the Dust, I have started this book a while ago and want it to be my next priority book to work on after Sweet and Sour book 2 is finished, so here are some of the pages I have done for Flower in the Dust.

This is the book I have ever finished in my sketchbooks. There are about 15 sketchbooks of this story but it might end up being only 7 or 10 books for I want to make each book have 200 pages at least and my sketchbooks don't have 200 pages in them, maybe some do I don't really know most say 70 pages in one sketchbook. Or is it 170? I don't know anymore.

Beware my grammar is horrible, I don't know if you can tell from how I write these blogs but I always need someone to look over my books because my grammar is terrible. So warning, these pages are not edited.

The piggy is so cute!

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