Thursday, November 30, 2023



Hello, people of the world! 

Check out our Pirate video we made during Halloween time. It was fun and chilly with the song Poor Pirates from Spongebob Squarepants Musical. 

For the past months, I have been working hard on Sweet and Sour Book 3, if you still need to get the chance to get book one or book two, click on the links. I have finished book 3 it's now in the processing and editing phase. But I am so excited that I got the drawings done, halfway through getting it published.

This is going to the front cover for Sweet and Sour 3. Pretty exciting!

Also, check out my website it has a full load of Christmas stuff!

It has clothes, shoes, coats, prints, and all of my books!

My shop!

Other news, working on the next series. Yep, you read that right next seires. I have almost completed Sweet and Sour and now doing the next one which is Five Star Princesses. It's nothing like Sailor Moon, some of told me it reminds them of Sailor Moon, but it really isn't. The story line was so complex it took me about 19 years to perfect. 

I started this story when I was 11, and I am now 30. Over the years I've been re-writing it over and over again.  It actually was frustrating, cause I wanted to do this story it was the first story I created. I have rewrote this story in a different version it was maddening to me I wanted to give up. But one day while I was running it just came to me. I got a scene in my head that happens in the middle of the story and for some reason, it helped me put the story all together, and very different than how I originally wanted it.

Pretty excited about it, already have 50 pages of drawing. 


Here's a sneak peak picture of the five-star princesses.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Marvel Characters in my Style


Hello, people of the world! 

So since my first vendor, I wanted to do it again. I tried a free one and made little progress with it. I tried another paying market event and honestly, it went so poorly. I don't know what happened. I felt like I was trying to sell my stuff, but there was like hardly anyone there, or hardly anyone came. And they are so close to buying books but then chicken out. It was frustrating. 

BUT! I still want to do it. So if anyone knows any kinds of markets, fairs, or whatever Vendors are wanted please do tell me. It has to be in the Utah County area for that's where I'm at. 

After doing the Disney Princess theme in my style I decided to do Marvel. I am watching the Marvel movies in order and I got to Wandavision, and I don't know why but I just can't get myself to keep going, I love Marvel, and never had a problem before watching them, but for me to watch in order and challenge myself to draw most of the characters is really hard. So I am just drawing some of the Marvel characters. Here is what I got so far.

I didn't like this one so the one on top of it is the better one.

I even watched all the Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

I want to do more like Loki, Dr. Strange, Aunt Man, and possibly more but that's the main three I really wanna do. My favorite Marvel movie is Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Friday, July 28, 2023

Disney Princess and other Fan Art

Hello, people of the world!

What a fun summer for me it has been, the first thing I got to do when summer started was go to Disney Land, and it was my third time going. The first time was when I was four, I don't even count that for I hardly remember it, but I went when I was 18, and went again just recently and I am 30. I was so sad to leave, I got to be there for three days; honestly, it wasn't enough. I love that place and hope it isn't another 10 years to go again. 

But since I got to go, I was on Disney vibe for a while and decided to draw all Disney Princess characters in my style. I still have a few to do, but here's what I have done so far. Tell me what you think of them.

Can you guess them all? I still need to do Anna and Elsa, and I am counting Jan from Tarzan and Raya. 

I hope to get them done before August, cause in August I actually want to do a Marvel theme, I am planning to watch all the Marvel movies in order and want to draw those characters as well. Let me know what you think about them.

Both Deadpool and Captain America are also by my friend, Sara. 

I plan to do another event where I get to sell my art and books. If you know of any kind of event, fair, farmers market, etc, please reach out! I need help finding more places to display my stuff, thank you so much!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

My first Vendor Event!

 Hello, people of the world!

On July 4, 2023, I did my very first vendor event! I prepared and made sure I had inventory and such. Make sure it looks presentable and fun! I had posters of my art, Sweet and Sour books, hardcover journals, children's books, and stickers.

I dressed up since it was on July 4th I wanted to look patriotic, but my dress got a lot of attention, all the other vendors didn't dress up like me, which isn't bad, I just thought maybe I overdressed but enjoyed people telling me how great I looked. 

Also got a spinning wheel that had prizes, it was a huge hit. A lot of kids wanted to spin it, even some adults wanted to and it's so fun! 

My book table had the journals I created plus more.

A lot of people liked my art the most, Nezuko was the most popular one. 

It was only for a few hours but it was so great! there was a parade, a concert, a bouncy house, and a playground. My kids were there with my family and they liked hanging out with me, they helped me a little bit when a new customer came up. (But I think they mainly liked the prizes, they kept asking for a toy or a lollipop, silly girls.)

I was so nervous at first for this is my first time doing this by myself, and the setup was hard to do (plus taking it down), but oh my I freakin loved it! I think I found my calling, I love making art, but since I can't be a ballet dancer art has been a backup plan for me, and doing this is like practicing for a dance concert and performing it on the day. 

If you guys don't know I wanted to be a ballet dancer, I took ballet when I was young and when I got my point shoes at age 12 I didn't want to stop. But unfortunately had to because of my knees, my right kneecap keeps slipping out and it hurts like the dickens when it does. I did get surgery on it in 2019 but man was that awful, and when I tried dancing it's still not the greatest, (probably because I'm old now and out of practice, but still can do the splits I work on it every day). I enjoy watching others doing ballet but am also saddened that it's not me. But art is my combat! I am performing it.

I want to do this again, just need to figure out how, when, and where. If anyone knows of anything in the Utah area that would be awesome!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The years between 20 and 30 years old

 Happy Summer everyone!

So for two weeks, yes two weeks straight, right when school was out my oldest broke her arm. Oh boy, when it happened she wasn't crying, I was crying. I couldn't stop crying and when we got to the hospital she threw up twice in my vehicle and I parked in front of labor and delivery instead of the Emergency entrance. I was in a hurry not realizing it, but a nurse helped me get to the correct entrance and got her taken care of.

Broken arm we still went to our vacation which was Disney Land. It was my third time going, the first time I went was when I was four so I like don't remember much of it, the second time was when I was 18 and I remember it being great. This time with my kids I absolutely loved it!! I was so sad that it was over. Since I got the chance to go I want to draw all the Disney Princesses. I already did Bell, but honestly, I have lost her and have no idea what happened to that drawing. So I will do it again and probably do a better job at it.

I also went to sea world which was pretty cool, and Lego Land which was also awesome but they both closed at 6 pm which did disappoint me for I felt like I didn't get ht chance to enjoy my day there with the short hours. And with Sea World, the dinner all-day pass I had was also disappointing, you pay a lot to get this pass to dine all day and while I was using it for only two meals, the last meal the service was horrible. We get to this place and they were like "We close at five" and we barely made it, but had like nothing to serve. I see cookies stacked in the back and asked the guy serving us "D you have any more desserts?" he says "No," I pointed back there, "But there's a stack of cookies right there, would you please serve those?" he rolled his eyes and got the cookies out to me and others that were in line, they all said thanks to me for doing that for that was ridiculous. the food was fine, but the service just wasn't that great I understand that maybe they are done working for the day since they close at five, but at the same time I paid for this food just serve me, please. (There was more to the story of why it was bad but not going to explain. I don't recommend the all-day dining pass).

We also got to go to the beach and celebrated my 30th birthday at this sand dune place in southern Utah. I'm freakin 30! I really have a hard look at my life right now. I have been thru so much and hope to accomplish more. I published two comic books, working on the third one, making music videos, TikTok, and I have a website that has all of my accomplishments. And I hope I will continue, there's so much more want to do. 

Zelda's tears of the kingdom are out, and Ebb and Flow made a video of the first part. If you don't know, I work with Ebb and Flow Gamerz on Youtube. While I was working on this video I decided to draw Link and Zelda for I truly believe they are meant for each other, they are so cute together to me! 

Check out the video right here. 

I got the game on my birthday and have been loving it so far! 

Since I am 30 I have been looking back at where I was ten years, I was serving a mission for my church ten years ago. Between 20-30 I have been married for five years, gave birth to two girls, divorced, Covid, and art has helped me through it all. 

I have been drawing since I was 12, my dream was to be an illustrator and so much more like maybe going on tour singing my songs or just being able to visit the world knowing that I am somewhat well known. Be cool. There was a time that I didn't draw, during my mission I couldn't draw, the only time I would was in my journal and it was my time to escape sometimes because being a missionary was so hard. When I return home I was lost, wasn't sure what to do with my life or was my purpose. I met someone and got married and honestly, that's when I really stopped drawing, I just couldn't find that spark again. I had a close friend even asking why I'm not drawing, for usually I am always drawing. I'm not sure why I stopped, being married I think was part of it because of reasons I'm not going to explain, but I didn't start drawing again until after I had my first kid. 

I remember going insane as a new mom, dealing with postpartum and two kids, (the husband was also a child). My younger sister got me a small drawing tablet and it excites me, and while my baby slept I learn to draw on it and I remember feeling alive again like I found my spark again and have missed it dearly. I started doing comics from my sisters and me funny comics that we made growing up.

I have made also videos of some of our comics on my channel, you can check them out...just they are not the greatest. I also started working on how to paint digitally, I never liked coloring or painting, but digital I seemed to like and enjoy it once I got it down and still learning today how to paint.

Here's an all-me portrait, you can see the past I's, how I see myself, and who I wished to be. Thirty today, in the next ten years I hope to do more and maybe do an update of this painting. 

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