Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Unfinished Stories that I've Started

Hello, people from Ertha, today for my blog post I'm going to share the little bit that I have done in my next series of books called, Flower in the Dust. If you have read my blog posts before I have mentioned Flower in the Dust, and also mentioned how I have started on it, but it is not my focus book I only do it when I get tired from Sweet and Sour. I tend to do that, ever since I started drawing books, I just can't focus on one I need to switch off every once in a while. I'm not sure why I do, but I do.

    Flower in the Dust is my first book ever that I finished the series, in sketchbook form, it took me four years to do and now I want to remake it on my nice tablet. Since I am getting the hang of drawing on my tablet, thanks for Sweet and Sour, I feel like I do many books. More to come. And hopefully published. 

    Sweet and Sour book 2 is getting done, I am on page 136, and I'm hoping I can get it done by summertime. For once I do, I'll get started with the third book of Sweet and Sour, and then it should be done. Once I do finish Sweet and Sour, I then will focus on Flower in the Dust, and then my next book in like would be Moon Princess. 

That's all I got, and I haven't gotten to the part where the story takes off, the pig is special, and helps her. I don't want to spoil too much of it, maybe once I get more done I'll show more.

    Now I don't know if I ever mentioned Moon Princess, but I'll show what I've done so far with it as well. This story is not going to be for kids. All the other books I've been doing or wanting to create is definitely for kids, I want to make sure at least they are clean enough for kids to read from ages 8 and up. But Moon Princess is darker and bloody, there is a warrior that is the best, and when he kills there will be blood. If you guys ever read Rurouni Kenshin or Bleached, or something like them, that's what I'm kind of doing with Moon Princess. 

It is a romance story, also a really sad story, but it has a special place in my heart, and can't wait to create it. My older sister was the mind master of the story, but I have changed a few things around to make the story flow better. And hopefully, it can turn out right when I get to it.

    That's all I got to and will work on it more when I get to Flower in the Dust. I can only focus on two stories at a time, and I've made a list of what stories to do throughout my years of aging. I hope I can't make all the books I want to make before I am fifty or sixty. Here's the list if you're interested.

Sweet and Sour >3 books
Flower in the Dust >either 7 or 10 books
Moon Princess > Either 4-5 books
The Legend of Moon Princess >Either 1-2 books
Gaining Altitude > Possibly 20 books

That last one, Gaining Altitidue might be possibly my longest book I'll ever do. I don't think it was really meant to be that long, but in my sketchbooks, I'm only on book 12 and I'm like, "Oh my goodness, there is so much in this story it might not be done until book 20," it's possible it might be less or more, but it is an excellent adventure book.

There are more that I might do like I have one called 8 Years that is super good also by my older sister, the mastermind of pretty much all the books I am doing besides Sweet and Sour and this other one called Submerge Heart. Submerge Heart will be a completely different kind of book, nothing like I've done before. It's going to be more fiction and it is going to be a really cute romance. I just finished writing it, and I don't know if I get to it either after I do Gaining Altitude or what but it is on my bucket list. 

There is one other story that I did start doing but stopped and not sure if I'll ever do it because...well it's a story that a friend of mine has made up and asked me to draw it. I did draw four sketchbooks of it and didn't get to finish the story but I honestly am not sure if I'll ever finish it. Because one, my friend wants me to focus on the other books for she loves my other stories, and 2, I don't think it has a good story to be told, or at least it isn't stable. She would spitball ideas of what to do but I'm always like "what's the story here? What is there objection?" and sure things are happening but I felt like nothing is happening, they are just doing nothing. It does have a good start I'll give you that, and I'll show you how far I got. 

It was originally called The Legend Of Blue Warrior, but she then changed it to The Legend of  Warrior, and I honestly liked the first title better. 

And that is it. 

And again, I don't know if I will ever get to this story again, but here are some paintings I did for it. This ended up being a really long post. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you guys like it or not.

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