Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Summer is Here or is it?

 The weather has been so crazy!! For the past three months or so where I am living the weather cannot make up its mind. It's either been super hot or super chilly, it's driving me crazy!! Make up your mind, please!! I want it to be Summer, nice hot days. 

I have also been giving thought to start working here soon. I need to so I can support more on my family more. I have been so grateful for everyone helping me, but now that I feel more healthy, mentally and emotionally (and physically) I am ready to get a job that I'll probably hate but will have to work to make an income to support my little family. 

I made a new family portrait of my family. Little different, I drew myself as I see myself, and actually drew my face which I don't ever do. Then drew my girls as the animals that they are, and they are the color of their eyes. 

And don't think that I haven't been making money, I have been doing side stuff and been saving up, I just think it's time that I get a real job until my art career spikes up. (Ha, I am dreaming of that.) And it might help me stay stable, who knows, I might even make friends, maybe a boyfriend, who knows. The possibilities are endless. 

But like I said I have been still doing side hustles, like drawing. Been doing a few projects here and there and I enjoy doing them. Please send me a request and we can make it happen, I enjoy making these family portraits or whatever you want, they are fun to make. 

And don't forget to check out these videos, they are so fun to watch and I enjoy helping make these videos. You can check this video here. 

Hope you all have a great summer! 

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