Wednesday, January 23, 2019



First Verse

A drop of sand hits the bottom of the glass
The time is ticking
so lets do this without thinking
But when how did I get here.
Yeah everything I see seems unfair
Trails are making me want to pull my hair
Happiness and patience is not there


For this is life our life is like a hourglass
seems endless to me
But not so for who knows when
the last drop will be
And we can't just turn it around
making things better
Oh of only

Second Verse

So the sand can be anything
their memories that they can bring
We all want to be something and feel the sting
Like making wishes doing the dishes
these burdens may come on our way
No matter what
it will stick to our game


Third Verse

If Only we can have it our way
Every step we take can be something great
If only we can be lazy and then turn around 
and be busy
But we only have 24 hours in 
three hundred sixty five days
and we can be dead or alive
so don't go killing yourself when you can be
really big help

Fourth Verse

Oh Time time is what we want 
so what we are going to do
live until the end every
drop of sand can be Good or 


We only have one hourglass

Hourglass I wrote this song after I came home from my mission in 2014, this song is one of my favorite songs I have ever written. It has a lot of meaning about life and such and when I was on my mission it really taught me how life is precious. Yes its hard believe me I know, after having my second child dealing with postpartum depression is the worst, sometimes I feel like not going on. I remember this song when I was on my lowest point and started playing it over and over again, along with another song called Big Fat Bruise that's also a good song I have written with help of my companion from my mission.

I hope you enjoy this video and don't copy write I was hesitate if I should have done this video, but it has help me recently so maybe it will help you, I am not a great singer but I do enjoy singing this song.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winnie the Pooh

So I finally watched the new movie Christopher Robin about him older and such, I enjoyed the movie of it's animation, the realistic look of the dolls, the characters, and their personalities. Eeyore was my favorite, he is gloomy but super funny. But what I had a hard time with is the story plot, it wasn't very solid, I love the ending it was tied with a bow with the message about being with family, but it was just kind of odd how Pooh got Robin just to find his friends and he traveled back and forth and the daughter got involve I just feel like they were trying to fill a gap that wasn't very good. Do you know what I mean? The story plot just wasn't the greatest but everything else was and I give it four stars, diffidently a show I'll see again.

So I hope you guys got your hugs on to all those you love for it was Hug day on Martin Luther Day.  The picture I feel like it's a mother and a son, what do you think? I find it sentimental. 

Since I'm already in Chapter three in my book and only about 100 pages I feel like I have to get to chapter five before this book ends, for I want my book to be at least 200 pages and since I'm just 100 I don't think three chapters will be enough. 

But I am proud that I am in chapter three, chapter two went by way too quickly than Chapter one, I think it's because I really spend time on it than before, not sure why but that's the best I can come up with. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

How to draw hair

Hello hello it's me again, and in this post I'm going to share how to draw hair.

Drawing hair normally is a bunch of strains lines going down one way not back and forth, for hair flow one way so to make it look that way it has to be draw down one way. If you add shade you can do a back and forth movement with your utensil but most likely try to do one way.

Anime hair is very spontaneous, there's so many different ways to do anime hair. Over the years I have learn different styles of anime hair for guys and girls. It can be ridiculous or nice no matter what there's not really any rules as long as you like it.

I am on chapter three on my story almost a hundred pages, it makes me happy to get so far and hoping to get it done soon. My new goal is to finish my first book by April 13th, I picked April 13th cause it has a lot of stories behind that date and one of those stories is that my first cat I had name Twilight ( she was a black cat) had her babies on that day. She was a horrible cat no one liked her, my nieces and nephews were so scared of her they wouldn't go near her nor will dogs. One time some kids came to our door and told my mom that my cat scared their dog and my mom didn't know what to do about that I mean she was defending herself in a way.

Anyways that's my goal so far as goes with my depression if I stay on my medication I will be fine. And make sure I don't chew on them. That was a horrible experience.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Blue Monday

So January 14 was National Blue Monday which is suppose to be the saddest day of the year. I was hoping it wouldn't be for me but it turn out it did. 

It could be that I ran out of my depression pills so I automatically was down, more like a dragon breathing fire and then fell in a hole and cry myself out. It really was a Blue day for me hopefully it wasn't the same for you.

The funny story about my meds is that when I did get it I took it right away thought I swallow it but turned out I didn't for I was chewing food and I chew the pill and it was the most disgusting taste I have ever tasted. I tried to get rid of it by swallowing it and scrapping it off my teeth. I tried brushing and rinsing with mouth wash to get rid of the nasty taste but it didn't work. After a while the taste went away but the numbness came, my throat and mouth became numb and it was difficult to talk and such I did not enjoy that. Laugh all you want it wasn't pleasant.

I really enjoyed drawing this picture, it's so pretty and so touching. Well that's what I think and all colors I used was Blue.

January 15 was Hat day and Bagel day, I didn't wear a hat or ate a bagel but I hope you guys did to celebrate these holidays.

More National Holidays are coming so be prepared follow me on Instagram (K Productions 3.0) and Facebook (K Productions).

Saturday, January 12, 2019

National Holidays Goal

I am almost done with chapter two, it became shorter than expected cause I have to change some things around, I may have to do four chapters in this book for I want to do 200 pages in each book and I only done 90 pages so far.

I have been keeping myself busy, I wake up feed my kids, clean the house, take a nap while my kids take a nap, and then clean some more and then draw. I usually draw at night when both kids are in bed, it's the best time to do it for I'm not distracted with kids and cleaning. I draw until midnight and then go to bed still awake so I watch YouTube videos to help me fall asleep and it works every time.

I also have a spiritual side, I believe in God and take time in my day to read and pray it uplifts my spirits and helps me thru my depression and my day. My depression seems to be under control for the most part I haven't had any issues with it lately, I've been making sure to take my meds, drawing, getting out, and cleaning.

I have though throw out my back today, it kills and I don't know what I did to it, and it doesn't seem to go away.

I have a goal this year to do every National Holiday this year and so far I have done it.

I also done National Spaghetti Day, but I can't seem to get it on here for some odd reason. These national holidays are really interesting I have learn so much why they pick this day to be this type of day, and so forth. It has been really helping me so far and I hope to continue for this whole year.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Working Wonderfully

I feel that depression cloud that's been hovering over me floating away, giving me the chance to enjoy the sunshine and rainbows. I still have that fire dragon in me in stressful situation about money and kids but at least I'm not so depressed all the time now and feel no will to live.

Drawing on my laptop and tablet has really lift my spirits, it's really great to work on my story again. Now I don't know if I'll meet with the publisher like my husband said I will for he claims that I will meet a publisher sometime this month and he will help me publish my books. I don't know if it will happen but I'm not getting my hopes up or anything for I don't want to be disappointed.

I really enjoy drawing, I got to do some art work done you can check them out.

On January 6 was National Bean Day, yes I have discover Bean day, and personally I'm not a big fan of beans, I mean I can eat them just not my favorite. Who likes beans here? The day of celebrating beans was on January 6.

January 12 is Kiss a Ginger day, not sure why they made a holiday about people kissing gingers, red heads, it's a little weird holiday.

Isn't this pretty? Oh man I adore this picture, I find it so pretty, I wasn't sure if she was going to be a fairy or a mermaid, I decided fairy cause it needed a little more. but it's so beautiful. I really enjoyed doing this picture and as you can see I have a thing for sparkles. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

WhooHoo having so fun already

I am so happy, we couldn't figure out how to upload my tablet with Chromebook laptop so we traded for Windows laptop and right away I got my tablet working and got the program software I use for my art and I was on it like all day. I feel so relieved, it's like I can breathe again.  I just want to thank my loving husband who got me the laptop in the first place for Christmas and has been so supportive for me to do my book, for he has also surprised me on Christmas that I'm going to meet a publisher that will help with my books.

Let's just hope it will work out, I will be so disappointed if I never see him or things can't work out.

Oh, it's been so great to draw on my tablet again. The laptop is blue with white keys and that's why I named him Auqua Cloud. 

Besides that how is everyone's winter going? For the past years winter here in Utah has been strange, there's usually no winter. It gets chilly but that will be it, but not this year, it has been snowing for a while and it's been freezing. I forgot how that felt so I've been puddling myself up inside my house. I live in a basement apt so it gets cold very easily. 

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