Thursday, September 9, 2021

My Favorite "Draw it in my style" TikTok challenges


This fox girl is so darn cute. I really, really, like how I did it. This was from a TikTok challenge of drawing it in my style, they did this fox girl so I tried it and I'm just loving the results. 

I wanted to try that challenge again with a different picture that I thought would be great to try, but I actually don't like it. I have tried different ways to make it so I can like it, but for some reason, it couldn't fix it. I mean it looks ok but I just don't like it, what do you think? It's this water girl down there.

I mean it's cool...maybe...the water is...maybe not...she is...maybe...I just don't like it. 

These next ones I've probably had already post about it, but I'm sharing it again but it was also a 'draw it in your style' TikTok challenge. And I really like it.

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